SK kit for sale

FARS has been approached by a local lady who has inherited some equipment from her uncle and is looking sell the equipment - please see the list and photographs below.

We can not vouch for the equipment as it has not been seen or tested, but the kit is held locally and can been seen (and we suggest tested) before purchase.

There are antennas and other equipment at the QTH of the uncle, but this is in the North East.

No value is known of the equipment, and the owner is open to reasonableoffers.  If interested, please email or reply to the Yahoo Group post for contact details and you can arrange directly.

  • Yaesu G450C Rotator - SOLD
  • Icom IC7400 HF/VHF Transceiver
  • KW520 SWR / Power meter
  • FeelTech Dual Channel DDS Function Signal Generator
  • MFJ 259C Antenna Analyser - SOLD
  • MFJ 260C 300w Dummy Load
  • Icom SM20 Desk Mic
  • Kenwood AT50 Auto ATU - SOLD
  • Feature Tech AW07A Antenna Analyser - SOLD
  • HF Loop Antenna
  • Yaesu FT23R 2m Handheld
  • Yaeus FT60 - SOLD
  • Baofeng UV-5R
  • Hantek 5000 Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Icom SP21 External Speaker - SOLD
  • Bremi Linear BRL200 - SOLD