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Representing Amateur Radio in Furness and South Cumbria for over 105 years!

We offer a warm welcome to the website of Furness Amateur Radio Society (FARS) and thanks for stopping by. We are a small but active bunch of amateurs and listeners who predominantly live on the Furness peninsula of Cumbria, in Northern England.

We also have members elsewhere in this country who wish to maintain involvement with the club. We are an affiliated club to the RSGB and a member of Northern Amateur Radio Societies Association.  2018 celebrates 105 years since the formation of the Barrow in Furness Wireless Association - the forefather for the modern day Furness Amateur Radio Society, one of the oldest radio clubs in the UK.

Recent FARS News

In early October 2018, Furness Amateur Radio Society put on a special station, GB9SL, to celebrate the life of Stan Laurel (of Laurel and Hardy fame) - arguably one the areas most famous sons.  The event was to help celebrate the 30th annual Oliver Hardy Festival in Harlem, Georgia, USA (the birthplace of Oliver Hardy).  A team of American radio hams from The Amateur Radio Club of Columbia County (ARCCC) made contact with Furness ARS to see if they would put on a companion station in the UK.  What better location than the beautiful Gleaston Water Mill to use for this special event - just a few miles away from Stans birth town of Ulverston, in South Cumbria.  Furness ARS set up a hex beam antenna, and their IC-7300 plus a club members Elecraft linear for 400w output.  Band conditions were not fantastic, but perseverance on both 20m and 30m resulted in QSOs from South America, North America and all over Europe. Best of all the team at GB9SL were able to make contact with the U.S team (W4O) in Georgia, USA during the festival to pass messages to each other to celebrate Laurel and Hardy.

Later in the month, GB2FSR was set up from the 17th Barrow St Perrans scouts for the annual JOTA weekend.  Members from Furness ARS operated on 40m HF to assist the cubs and scouts in sending greetings messages.  With just one day of operating, 20 other JOTA stations were worked (plus many other none JOTA stations), with dozens of greetings messages passed and received.  One QSO with a station in the Netherlands lasted over 1 hour, with the messages being translated from English into Dutch for the Dutch scouts to understand.   Other activities included a CW practice station, creating their own phonetic alphabet and a 5.6GHz 'helmet-cam'.  The helmet-cam is always a popular draw at JOTA... one scouts wears a helmet with a camera and transmitter and is sent out into the field, whist other scouts watch the received signal on a TV, and use a directional antenna to improve the signal in the scout hut.  PMRs are used to allow the scouts to communicate with each other.

About Furness Amateur Radio Society

In 2013 we celebrated 100 years of Amateur Radio on the Furness area using the call GB100RXY. We have a regular weekly skeds on the air on HF usually 80m followed by 2m but we also have meetings alternating between the Farmers Arms, Newton-in-Furness and Hawcoat Park Sports Club in Barrow-in-Furness. The club will also meet on occasions at Gleaston Water Mill which remains a club venue and is owned by a club member. Our club call is GX4ARF and this is put on the air from various venues through the year.  We participate in several Special Events each year such as SOS Radio weeks, Railways on the Air, Mills on the Air, Lighthouses on the Air, JOTA and raise money for our local lifeboat station. We have taken part in SSB Field Days and have for several years taken part in the 80m Club Contest fielding SSB, CW and Data stations, averaging position 8 for the last few years.

If you are holidaying, working or just visiting the Furness area and wish to meet some local amateurs, then you will be assured of a friendly informal welcome. Details of our meetings can be found here


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